A powerful BVLOS solution



A VTOL fixed wing with a 3.2 meter wing span and a range of up to 150kms that can be deployed for any application that requires BOTH high endurance and secure and reliable long range communications to multiple command stations in real-time.

Flight Time 
3 hrs

Up to 100kms

1.5 – 3kgs


Up to 25Mbps


The ATLAS-V UAS has a maximum cruising speed of 100km/h and the maximum operating altitude is 3000m. The UAS endurance is up to 3 hours. It has an empty weight of 5.5kg, take-off weight of 12kg and maximum payload carrying capacity of 3.0 kg.


The ATLAS-V is a fixed-wing VTOL unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed and manufactured by NEXTECH, to support multiple missions as well as search-and-rescue (SAR) teams. The purpose-built propulsion system, complemented by extended payload options and rapid payload integration, offers optimised performance.

ATLAS-V Key Features

The ATLAS-V has been carefully designed to provide the ideal balance between Endurance, of up to 3 hours, and Range, of up to 100kms.

ATLAS-V Applications

- Security and Surveillance: silent electrical propulsion with 2 EO/IR dual sensor gimbal
system, object detection and tracking, video recording - ideally suited for stealthy security and
surveillance applications, day or night.

- Inspection and Detection: safe inspections of long range infrastructure installations

- As well as a variety of other applications from Mapping to Agriculture



Wingspan: 3.2m
Fuselage: Composites
Frame Weight: 2.68kg 
Total Weight: 
5.5kg(without battery) 
Max Take-off Weight: 12kg 
Payload: 1.5-3kg
Max Flight Time: 3 hours 
Max Speed: 100km/h 
Stall Speed: 15m/s-16m/s
Altitude: 3000m
TRANSPORTATION CASE (L x W x H )Pelican (1500mm x 750mm x 500mm)
Motors4 x 210KV, 1 x KV190
ESC4 X 12S 80A, 1 X 12S 120A
Propeller1 x 19*12 CW; 2 x 2266 CW & CCW
Power Source2 x 6S 28000mAh battery


The ATLAS-V comes with a UAV ground station will have a 4G module that will allow information to be received from live feed video and to either be relayed over TCP/IP stream via internet (LAN PORT) or encrypted streamed over any 3G/4G NETWORK within range.

Modems that meet standard regulations at countries of destination will be provided.



  • 4G LTE 1080P Wireless HDMI To IP Video Encoder H.264
  • Embedded HiLinux system, stable and effective
  • Friendly web configuration UI(IP address can be settled by yourself)
  • Support H.264 /AVC or MJPEG video encoding format for selection
  • Output stream bitrate is adjustable from 32kbit/s to 32mbit/s(CBR or VBR bitrate controlling)
  • Support HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS(M3U8), FLV, ONVIF, Unitcast, Multicast streaming protocol
  • Support image, logo, text parameter setting on the output displayed video
  • Support output displayed video resolution and frame rate setting(max 1920x1080P /60fps)
  • Support different protocol transmission for the 4 output video streams
  • Firmware is upgradeable
  • Support hot shoe mount at camera
  • Support battery F550, F750, F970 for selection
  • Support configure the encoder by using APP or webpage UI
  • Provide SDK and API also CGI for secondary development
  • Support 2.4G WIFI or 5G WIFI for selection
  • Network interface full-duplex mode with 1000M speed
  • Support HDCP and HD blue-ray
  • A wide area network remote management(via port forwarding)
  • Support English webpage operating interface and language customizable
  • A click to restore the default configuration
  • Stable and effective, support 7 x 24h working time
  • From 2 channels to 16 channels 1U /3U rack structure available, support up to 16pcs encoder cards to be installed


This HDMI encoder is easy to be operated.

Turn your HDMI-equipped camera /device into a video source, and live broadcast on any streaming platform. It is compatible with most live broadcast platforms, such as Ustream, Livestream, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live or even build your own using streaming media server, such as Wowza or Xtream codes.

It supports multi-stream output, up to 4 video streams output as well as multi video stream to multi-platform simultaneously.

LTE command and control capabilities, allowing safe beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights and enables real-time data upload for quick access to your drone.

Drone operators can control and monitor their drones using a 4G LTE connection from anywhere in the world through the cloud.

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VTOL Vertical Take off and landing drone

VTOL Vertical Take off and landing drone

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Vertical take-off Drone designed for commercial use in inspection and surveillance missions. Designed to fly over 20km well carrying complex payload such Lidar or Synthetic aperture or dual surveillance camera such as Thermal and night vision cameras systems. These drones are able to work in extremely hot or humid climates.